Branding & Digital Design

E-commerce Focus

E-commerce has taken over the retail space. It is just as common for a customer to purchase online as in a big box store. Leveraging this purchasing power is essential to your organization through streamlined websites and applications we can provide.



When you need to sell more products, whether in drop shipping, white-label production, or homegrown online retail, we have a solution. Our team will develop an immersive e-commerce brand that works across all platforms you wish to leverage.


Unified Brand Presence

We build a unique brand identity that functions on social media, websites, business directories, and physical printed material. This helps you expand your online business with the supportive branding necessary to grow.


Format Flexibility

All the branding we deliver is flexible to work with the unique formats and sizes you need. This way, you have everything from new logos to profile pictures and more. The goal is to ensure you have the tools to establish your brand and its story.


Latest Design Tools

We are happy to work across different design platforms, from PDF integrations to raw Photoshop files to online Canva deliverables. As our design team is highly experienced and skilled, we can accommodate most platform needs.



We use an intuitive E-commerce Focus cycle to ensure you have complete access to the process and can provide feedback for a quality outcome.

Discovery & Market Analysis

E-commerce is a lucrative field where knowing the competition and current market trends is crucial to success. We will conduct an initial discovery of your goals so we can better pinpoint your brand’s unique value proposition and integrate that into any digital projects.


E-Commerce Strategy Formulation

Building on the information gathered during discovery, we can begin to strategize how to blend our unique tech stack with the various platforms, sites, apps, products, and KPIs crucial to success in your e-commerce niche market.


Website & Back-End Dev

Putting our e-commerce-focused strategy into action means building a secure, scalable, and responsive platform tailored to your brand’s needs. This will include all crucial online business functionalities like inventory management, secure payment gateways, CRM tools, and more.


UI/UX Design

An essential part of any e-commerce platform is appealing visually and functionally to your target audience. We take the time to ensure the interface is easy to navigate and provides a rewarding shopping experience that will boost customer engagement and retention.


Launch, Optimization & Growth Support

When testing is finished, and all glitches have been ironed out, we launch your new e-commerce platform. Our development team will closely monitor performance and optimize based on real-time feedback, providing continuous support where needed.

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