Technology Consulting

Website & Mobile App Consulting

You will run into roadblocks whenever you or your team is considering building a new website, mobile application, or web integration. Maybe this is an unfamiliar tech stack or a unique design situation. Either way, we can help burst through this challenge for a fantastic solution.



Consulting in the web and mobile app space is more than providing a few lines of code and a basic estimate. We want to get into the practical details of your unique challenges by offering a comprehensive roadmap for you to move forward and base all other quotes.


Multiple Meeting Points

Based on your location, our team at Inoverus is happy to conduct meetings and consultations in person or using leading conferencing software from Zoom to Facebook Live. We have a diverse team that can accommodate most business hours and time zones.


Streamlined Consultations

Once you submit a consultation request, we will appoint one of our team members who is best for your unique situation. That gives you a primary contact point with Inoverus, so if we move forward on a project, you are already acclimatized to our process.


Baseline for Comparison

A consultation with Inoverus on website and mobile app development is a structured outline for your future expectations. We are confident in our ability to meet your needs because we have a strong history of success across multiple industries and use-case needs. Our website and mobile application consulting addresses your underlying issues with value proposition solutions.



We use an intuitive software development consulting cycle to ensure you have complete access to the process and can provide feedback for a quality outcome.

Initial Consulting

Our experienced team will conduct a deep dive into your app. We want to understand the vision for your project better, what challenges you need help overcoming, and how we can refine the scope into strategic objectives.


Strategy Development

With all the required information in hand, we’ll develop a tailored strategy including timelines, web or mobile app milestones, and a clear pathway for expectations. This will outline the various technical requirements and steps to roadmap the project lifecycle.


Design & Prototyping

Our design team snaps into action, creating an intuitive and engaging design framework. We focus on both UI/UX and functionality, so you have a more tangible look and feel of the final app outcome to provide valuable feedback.


Implementation & Development

This step transforms your framework into actual coding and development. We use the latest tech stack to build robust and fully scalable applications, allowing for regular updates and iterations for you to review.


Testing, Launch & Support

Once we’re ready to go live, we’ll provide a rigorous testing report to ensure everything is operating efficiently. After your approval, we will launch your new website or mobile application and provide the necessary support to manage any post-launch adjustments.

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