Diamond Aesthetics Academy

Skincare and Aesthetics Education-Based Website.

Diamond Aesthetics
Custom Software Development

This is an education-based website designed to showcase the benefits and courses of skincare and aesthetics. Here people can find the latest information on building a lucrative career and connecting with other industry professionals through the course offerings.


Building a website that features any kind, of course, is a challenge. You want to emphasize the benefits clients will get from taking the course without sacrificing the quality of design to keep their attention and draw them deeper into the site. On top of that, the aesthetics industry is incredibly niche, meaning we needed to ensure the content was aligned with current trends and customer insights.

There was a lot of backend work to do on this site because of the numerous features on the site. We included a WhatsApp link for open client communication as well as user account space and the ability to purchase courses without needing any help. We kept the layout simple so the visitors would be drawn to the course content more than getting lost in a complex content-driven website.

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Special attention was paid to how to lay out the engaging visuals from the client so that any visitor would immediately know what they are looking at and how the firm’s services can be best implemented. That required a cleaner website layout with easy-to-follow links so all the eye-catching elements would stand out more from any background design.

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Our client was thrilled with the outcome because of how clean, clear, and fun from the graphic design elements were. Adding action shots of the team behind the courses and making the imagery feel appealing to a younger audience allowed this client to grow their course offering and client base rapidly.