Lumen Spa & Laser

Skincare and Laser Beauty Services.

Lumen Spa & Laser
Custom Software Development

A clean website designed with a simplified layout to support a local spa brand focused on laser beauty services. Special care was paid to client testimonials and included many points of contact for lead generation.


While many locations often have a plethora of local spa treatment services, few offer the bespoke laser technology of Lumen Spa & Laser. This required a bit of research to ensure all the content matched the intent of the branding. The secondary challenge was ensuring the client had multiple CTAs with easy-to-use communication modules throughout the website design. Finally, as this is a business based on superior customer service, maintaining contact through the UI/UX wireframing was incredibly important.

A clean multi-page website that balances information with engaging visuals and clean CTAs. Wonderful branding and single-click access to making an appointment or reaching the spa customer service team.

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After we gathered all the appropriate information, the most crucial part of our wireframing process was to lay out multiple contact points. That included listing the phone number, email, and live chat in targeted areas of the UI/UX, as well as a hot button to make a call that works on all visitor devices. In addition, special care was spent to ensure the testimonials section would be prominent and easy to update for the client, as that matters a great deal to convert new leads.

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This is one of our favorite projects because the content, layout, and CTAs are so clean. The overall visual of the website is highly attractive, and branding is maintained at every new click. We did leverage some local SEO, but the primary concern of having various contact options available took priority and turned out fantastic. They are a great client that we were able to help grow quickly because of the simple navigation.