Market Place-Comprehensive Grocery Shopping Website

Market Place
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A user-centric shopping website and interface allow customers to see the current inventory of local grocery items and an interactive shopping cart to finalize purchases. This highly visual website relies on eCommerce design with simplified user account management.


During the global pandemic, many grocers suffered from extreme inventory management and customer control issues. This forced them to rethink their digital presence because the need for automation was so high to meet demand. With Market Place, we were able to meet that demand by completely overhauling their website into a clean, easy-to-navigate, and beneficial user-centric website so shoppers could locate the items they want, fill up their shopping carts with necessary products, and then finalize payment and delivery without ever having to leave the site.

An on-brand user-centric shopping website that allowed the grocer to feature items and promotions while giving the user plenty of control over their account management and overall shopping experience.

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The challenge with this project was the amount of information. A typical grocery store has thousands of items that must be cataloged, priced, described, and photographed. We divided tasks for this project to ensure everything was being onboarded quickly while other team members focused on the user account aspect for the customer-facing side and the inventory and promotional control for the client side. In the end, a great deal of collaboration was required to make this a smooth shopping experience that wasn’t weighed down by too many unnecessary features or visuals.

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One of the more enjoyable aspects of this project was the branding. Once we had the infrastructure of the user account, shopping cart, and business-side necessities out of the way, branding was straightforward. We breathed life into the website by incorporating the colors, fonts, and media from the Market Place brand identity. This was an enriching project because of the scope, and the client was very grateful for the easy method we included for digital inventory management.