Spice Oven-IoT Integrative Mobile Appl Experience

Spice Oven
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An IoT-integrated mobile application that connects users to various on-brand ovens for ease of remote cooking and a comprehensive recipe guide with the added feature of placing ingredient orders to resupply meal necessities inside the app.


We love this brand! The idea is to connect a mobile application to your home oven, so you get complete cooking control from anywhere in the world. They also requested we integrate a comprehensive cooking guide with recipes and the ability to reorder ingredients for whatever dishes you picked out for the night without leaving the native application. This means we needed IoT to interface control, a user shopping cart, a recipe guide, and user account management with payment options.

An easy-to-use mobile application for iOS and Android that simultaneously merges user controls, payment options, recipe guides, shopping, and cooking controls. Special care was paid to connecting ovens to the mobile app.

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This was one of our more extensive projects because so many different aspects had to work in tandem, so the user experience would be valuable. We started with the connectivity issue. There are a lot of ovens available on the market, so we needed to flush out a list of the ones we would emphasize. After that, we built the user account management and payment system. Emphasis was placed on the design as so many apps make it way too complicated to manage a user account without jumping through many hoops. Finally, we focused on the interactive recipe section and overlayed unique branding. We spent a lot of time testing everything to ensure complete functionality before delivering it to the client.

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One of our favorite aspects of this project is the minimalistic design. Users often get overwhelmed when it comes to using IoT devices, and the client was thrilled at how clean and easy to navigate we made the app. This reduces the number of support questions the client receives because everything is self-explanatory for the average user. We also were delighted with the recipe system. All the content looks delicious, and the ease of making a new order based on the ingredients required is a feather in the cap feature of this application.