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A comprehensive website design built to emphasize services and local SEO content integration for lead generation. Much of the site focused on clear CTAs and easy access to client communication for fostering brand growth.


Corolla Roofing is a fantastic company based in New England that provides a wide range of roofing services, repairs, and replacements. With so many bespoke service pathways, the challenge of our integrative website design was to both educate potential leads about the value proposition of the company as well as generate more interest from local contacts. That required clean CTAs throughout the design and easy access to any communication via links and contact forms to minimize CTR and lead loss.

An easy-to-navigate, content-rich website that translates well to mobile devices when potential leads need commercial and residential roofing services, repair, and replacement throughout the New England region.

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The first step in building this unique website was to gather service information. Corolla Roofing provides a wealth of commercial and residential roofing services. It has a growing list of portfolio projects to showcase its work. Our team took our time to ensure the wireframing and layout presented all the relevant information before we integrated as many consultations or quote CTAs into the design. Once that was finished, it was just a matter of filling in the blank spaces with engaging, local SEO content. We utilized React to improve team collaboration for the beautiful UI components.

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Corolla Roofing has been incredibly responsive to the new website design, especially the projects section. This website translates exceptionally well to mobile devices. It has brought a much-needed digital transformation to a company that is looking to lead the regional roofing industry. We are proud of the highly easy-to-read content layout and client testimonials that support the brand's mission.